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Here at VAQ Asset Management, we are experts in real-estate management. We guide individuals, families, businesspeople and investors through the process of valorising and making their property as profitable as possible, locating assets on the market, carrying out a detailed assessment of profits and risks; in short, managing the entire real-estate project from beginning to end. We work with both foreign companies or individuals interested in investing in Spain and Spanish owners, investors or businesspeople aiming to internationalise in other countries.

We’re a dedicated team that is committed to our clients, who deserve our full devotion, attention and service. We work tirelessly and passionately to give the best in each of our projects. We earn the trust of individuals and companies with values like transparency, honesty and professionalism. We care about sustainability and support responsible progress that contributes to a better quality of life for all.

Our hardworking nature and the dedication we bring to each project make us more managers than consultants. We go beyond simply offering advice; we put all of our experience at your disposal.



About us

VAQ Asset Management was created with the desire, capacity and will to serve real-estate owners and investors. Based in Barcelona, we project ourselves as a global company with the experience and ability to innovate of a young, qualified, multidisciplinary team.

We call on our more than 25 years of experience in developing comprehensive real-estate projects in Spain, in all areas: residential, hotels, industry and urban planning; and on nearly a decade managing Spanish investment projects abroad.

Our flexible, scalable structure allows us to assign the best professionals –architects, engineers, economists to each project, depending on the specific requirements and needs, in order to achieve not only excellent service but also a tight control of costs and schedules.

We collaborate with top-notch lawyers and tax specialists, and have the support of renowned expert real-estate consultants. VAQ Asset Management is a great team offering you the best advice and the most profitable real-estate solutions.




Mission and values

Here at VAQ Asset Management our professional team is reliable and service-orientated in our work to manage our clients’ property as if it were our own, with every assurance that it will increase in inherent value thanks to our professional contribution, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our top value is commitment:

  •  to our clients
  • to quality and innovation
  • to ethics and responsibility
  • to our team

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Our commitment to our clients obliges us to seek out the best solution in each case and provide the necessary support to ensure maximum satisfaction in terms of quality and service.


Comprehensive project development

More than 25 years of experience in the comprehensive development of a wide range of projects demonstrate our position as expert professionals in managing real-estate projects. We have in-depth knowledge of all areas of the sector: residential, hotel, industrial and urban planning; and of the whole process: from management of urban planning to the development of technical projects and construction, to overall management and marketing.




“Services that add value”


Asset management is comprised of a complete process carried out in 3 phases.


We advise individuals, families, businesspeople and investment groups interested in getting into the real-estate market.


We have provided guidance on international projects in various areas and countries around the world for nearly a decade.


Asset management is comprised of a complete process carried out in 3 phases. Here at VAQ Asset Management, we offer our services in all or part of the management process, as best fits the clients’ needs.


Phase 1: Value Engineering

We valorise real-estate assets (or create a project for real-estate investment) for our clients, through careful analysis of their assets in the current context. We study the various possible feasibility scenarios and formulate a proposal of actions to carry out, a business plan, to increase the inherent profitability of real-estate assets. With our help, real-estate assets gain value and become substantially more profitable, regardless of any additional increase in price due to market influence.

We create a strategy and route map designed to follow the entire process to valorise a real-estate asset that will allow us to boost profitability, with wide margins over time. Finally, the process culminates with the achievement of a set goal agreed upon beforehand with the client: sale of the revalued property, commercial exploitation by the client or with the incorporation of a strategic partner, or any other goal established previously.

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Phase 2: Property Management

We act on behalf of our clients, as property managers, to professionalise the management of their assets. Using a guided, monitored system, based on our more than 25 years of experience in this field, we have standardised the management processes with our own methodology to meticulously control each of the many tasks involved in these services.

We have a route map designed previously, which allows us to carry out the actions agreed upon in advance and reach the goals set. In short, when we provide this service as property managers, what we do is really put ourselves in the client’s shoes.

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Phase 3: Project Management

We direct and take charge of the comprehensive management of the physical transformation process, led by a project manager, from beginning to end: from a cost analysis and study of legal requirements to delivery of the asset, including design, project management, procurement and awarding the project, construction and quality control.

Our responsibility covers all areas of a project: we plan, manage, coordinate and supervise the tasks and stakeholders involved; we control the costs and schedules meticulously; we select and hire the best work teams; we prepare all the legal documentation; we coordinate and supervise the whole process.

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Construction Management

Furthermore, here at VAQ Asset Management we also facilitate Construction Management services, which allows us to coordinate the whole construction process for any property, from preliminary organisation to delivery of the final work, ensuring all cost and schedule goals are met.

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We advise individuals, families, businesspeople and investment groups interested in getting into the real-estate market, either for profit or because of a business project that requires the purchase and management of real-estate assets. We help them identify market opportunities, analyse their profitability and possible risks, create a strategic and business plan and manage assets acquired, adhering strictly to the plan established. 


This strategic consulting service is laid out in the following manner:

  • Locating interesting real-estate assets, with the possibility of substantially increasing their inherent value and that meet the profile previously agreed upon with the client.
  • Analysing each of the options, depending on the risk criteria established by the client, the deadlines laid out for the project, the business purpose –when applicable– and other relevant conditioning factors for the investment.
  • Detailed physical inspection and independent assessment of the most significant aspects of the asset: through a complete due diligence that encompasses urban-planning, legal and administrative issues in order to ensure there are no fiscal, urban-planning, environmental or other type of contingencies as well as validating the possible fixed potentials.
  • Drafting and carrying out the business plan, in line with our proposal and agreed upon with the client. The business plan will be implemented for each of the assets that comprise the investment, as well as for the investment as a whole. If advisable and necessary, the physical interventions laid out in the plan will be carried out.
  • Assuming the position of property management during the time assets are held.
  • Aiding in both purchase and disinvestment, with the specialised advisory services of our collaborators.


In addition to our vision and ample experience in real-estate management, we also offer the know-how and professionalism of a large team of top-notch external collaborators. In order to attract unique assets, we receive counselling from real-estate consultants with an excellent reputation in the sector; and in legal and fiscal areas, we work with expert advisors that ensure the maximum guarantees in carrying out the operations.

Our advisory services are completely neutral, based on objective data. We don’t belong to any real-estate intermediary groups, nor do we buy and sell property: we aren’t slaves to our own portfolio of assets. We ensure honest, transparent and impartial advisory services, without any conflict of interest. And that’s not all. In many cases, our commitment goes beyond advice, getting involved in the efforts needed to carry out the project alongside our clients.

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We have provided guidance on international projects in various areas and countries around the world for nearly a decade. Our extensive experience and ample knowledge of the real-estate sector, in addition to our profound know-how in the various countries where we work, make us the perfect managers to successfully guide businesspeople in carrying out any type of business project abroad.


On-demand guidance

We advise individuals and businesspeople with their own investment project or who would like to begin an internationalisation process in another country, taking on, in our areas of expertise, comprehensive management of the project or the part required. We adapt, in each case, to the personalised needs and aims of the client.

Thanks to our structure, knowledge and experience, we can help by creating a strategic plan to establish the business in a specific area, carry out a feasibility analysis, develop and carry out the establishment process, offer comprehensive turnkey management or focus on only one part, depending on the client’s needs.


Location of investment projects

We seek out and find investment opportunities in real-estate projects in any country in the world, either exclusively or with participation from other investors. We take care of all or part of the management, depending on the needs and wishes of the client.


Presence in Brazil

VAQ Asset Management is a partner in two international companies located in the Brazilian cities of Natal (RN), in the northeast, and Curitiba (PR), in the south.

VAQ Asset Management’s presence in Brazil, through our shareholding companies, ensures our experience in carrying out projects in this country and knowledge of the ins and outs of management there, giving us profound knowledge of the Brazilian sector.

The fact that we have stable headquarters in Natal and Curitiba, with local partners, helps us guarantee control and transparency in all operations, and ensures greater speed and ease in administrative processing and processes.

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